Top 20 ways to keep your bone strong and healthy

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Written by Faheem Jutt
Bones are considered to be our body most powerful supportive system which is of importance to maintain it as strong and healthy as possible. There is two vital component when it comes to a healthy bone, include calcium and vitamin D. While calcium is the main nutrient contributing to a bone or teeth structure, vitamin D is essential in absorbing calcium and helps bone growth.

In the early age of life, young people usually don’t experience any problems due to a weak bone as thanks to a balance mechanism between the destruction and rebuilding of the equivalent amount of bone. But in postmenopausal women or men in the age of 70 and above, the degeneration of the bone take place over the bone generation. That results in osteoporosis, a condition in which bone lost its’ normal density causes it easy to get a fracture.

There are a number of reason contributing to a osteoporosis condition, such as: genetic, daily diet and how dense your bone have built up during your teenager age.While you can do nothing with your genetic, a variety of action can be made with your diet in attempt to improve your bone mass which can slow down the degeneration of your bone when you age. 1,000 milligrams of calcium and 200 international units (Ius) of vitamin is required in a normal person.

In the meantime, people who reach their 50s should take up to 1,200 milligrams of calcium and 400 to 600 IUs vitamin D to have a strong and healthy skeletal system. Here are some of the most useful food that keep your bone strong and healthy.

1. Milk

Glass of milk

It is immediately obvious that milk is an excellent great source of calcium when you see every single mom force their child to drink  milk everyday. With only 90 calories provided a 8 ounces cup of free-fat milk offer you 30% requirement of calcium in a day. That sounds fantastic especially when you use brands that fortified with vitamin D so you can get double benefit from it. If you can take 3 cup of milk during a day, you can utilize it by put it in a smooth in preference.


Yogurt is among some certain foods that is not only packed with calcium but fortified with vitamin D. A fat-free plain yogurt can provide with 30% of calcium  as well as 20% of you vitamin D need during a day. But not all type of yogurt is beneficial as fat-free plain yogurt. The Greek yogurts that is rich in protein may be in the favorite list of some people but these brand is less likely to contain as 30% of calcium as the former and only have a little vitamin D in it. So if you can, add fat-free plain one to your daily diet and get benefits from it.

3. Cheese


Cheese if another great source of calcium. 1.5 ounces of cheddar cheese can offer you with more than 30% of your daily calcium requirement but remember not to overuse this as cheese can be harmful for your joints and most cheeses have little of vitamin D so try to include something else that can grant you both calcium and vitamin D like yogurt in your diet.

4. Eggs

Eggs in carton

Comparing to others, eggs is not the richest source of vitamin when there is only 6% of daily vitamin D is contained in an egg but it can be considered to be one of the best food for vitamin D. That’s because, vitamin D in egg is quite quick and easy to be absorbed so that you can utilize it effectively. Remember vitamin D is most found in the yolk so try not to opt for the whites part of the egg even it may cut down your calories consumption.

5. Sardines

Sardines is one of the most surprising food that contain a high level of both calcium and vitamin D. You can add these fish in your salads and pastas and enjoy their delicious flavor

6. Fortified cereal

There are a number of cereal that are packed with vitamin D, such as Wheaties, Whole Grain and kashi u Black Currants and Walnuts. They can provide you up to 25% of your vitamin D need for a day. Besides, it is can be useful in a huste and bustle day when you have no time to cook. All you need is a bowl of fortified cereal and milk.

7. Salmon

Salmon is well-known for its rich omega-3 fatty acids which is crucial for a healthy heart. What you don’t know about salmon is that it’s also rich in vitamin D. 3 ounce of sockeye salmon can cover 100%  your daily vitamin D requirement. So salmon for your heart as well as for your bones.

8. Tuna

Tuna is another great vitamin D source fatty acid. 39% of vitamin D need is provided in a 3-ounce piece of tuna . Try something like Tuna-Melt Tacos as a good methods to boost your calcium and vitamin intake.

9. Spinach

If you’re not a big fan of milk and any other dairy products then spinach may be your next fancy. A cup of cooked one can have 25% of daily calcium with lots of vitamin A, iron and fiber which are essential nutrient for your health.

10. Collard greens

Here is another favorite of vegetarian. Similar to spinach, a cup of cooked collard greens can provide you 25% of your requirement of calcium for a day.

11.Orange juice

Orange has nothing to do with calcium as well as vitamin D but ascorbic acid in this kind of juice has been found to be beneficial in calcium absorption. So take another glass of OJ to opt you calcium intake.

12. Kiwi

Kiwi fruits

Similar to orange juice, kiwi contains a huge amount of vitamin C which is essential in absorbing calcium

13. Soy milk

Soy milk serve an excellent level of calcium. In addition, calcium in soy milk is pretty easy to be absorbed so opt for a soy milk cup during your day to merit your bones.

14. Tofu

A small amount of tofu can offer you a variety of nutrient like calcium, magnesium, protein which is all essential for strong and healthy bones.

15. Sesame seeds

Sesame seed is another rich source of calcium so you can take advantages of.

16. Pulses

200mg of calcium is found in every 100 grams of Black gram dal.

17. Ragi

Ragi is the second most sought of calcium after fortified cereal.

18. Nuts

Instead of sugary foods which damage your bones structure, opt for a high level of protein ones like unsalted nuts and seeds.

19. Green leafy vegetables

These vegetables are packed with vitamins and mineral which are potential for bone structure

20. Berry

Blueberries or an apple is rich of vitamin C which is extremely needed for a better calcium absorption.

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