How to Create and Upload a Torrent File

Written by Faheem Jutt

Torrent downloading is the first requirement when you want to download movies, HD videos, songs, and other heavy data software. You can get many best torrenting sites for downloading all types of torrent files.

These websites are very helpful for downloading torrents. Furthermore, these torrent sites are also very helpful for uploading all type of torrent. Therefore you must know how to create and upload torrent file.

In this article, you will learn the best and easiest way to upload torrents on any torrent site. Uploading makes possible to share your torrent files with other people and friends. Thus heavy files sharing have become very easy with the help of torrent files as well as torrent sites. Most of the torrent websites allow free downloading as well as the uploading services.

First of all for you need a torrent client to download or upload torrents. The most famous are the utorrent and the BitTorrent.

Step by Step guideline to create and upload torrent files

  1. First, install a torrent client on your laptop or computer. Most effective and useable are the uTorrent and the BitTorrent. For new users, it is best to choose uTorrent.
  2. Create an account on the torrent Here the torrent will be uploaded.
  3. Finally, a file is needed for adding and uploading.

Creating a Torrent file

  • Download uTorrent client for creating a torrent file.
  • First, install its software on the laptop and then open it.
  • For torrent file creation click the pop down menu on file button and select the option of creating a new The shortcut button from the keyboard of this selection is the CTRL+N.
  • After this select a file for uploading. It’s up to you how many files you want to upload. You can add a one as well as more files. Furthermore, it has a choice for creating a torrent of the whole folders. For this here is a button with the name of the directory.
  • Add trackers in the box given with the name of trackers. You can add any of the famous public trackers. It’s up to your choice how many you want to add. Add at least one tracker in the box.
  • If you are using private tracker then check mark the private option of the torrent.

The top famous are the following.

  • Now click on the “create” for torrent file creation. Finally, save the torrent file on your laptop required storage place or location.

Uploading torrent file

The final step after creating the torrent file is to upload it to any torrent site. As a result, you will be able to share it with friends or globally.

Therefore here I have shown you the uploading of torrent file on famous torrent website “the Pirate Bay”

Create an account on this website with the simple registration process.

After creating an account on pirate bay click on the given option with the name of upload torrent. As shown the images.

Follow the simple steps and browse the torrent file clicking on the browse button.

Write the name of the torrent file. If you leave it blank then your save file name will be chosen by default.

In the last chose the category where you want to place your torrent file. Just like in the image all categories are mentioned. You can choose any one according to your need.

Furthermore, In case you want or not want to identify your name to the public then check the “anonymous box”.

If you want and like to tag torrent then use tags bar.

Finally, you can also add a description as well as images.

Now after completing click on upload the file button. All is done.

All the above steps are very simple and easy. I hope you will understand how to create a torrent file and upload on torrent sites. This article is very helpful for new users who want to upload a torrent for the first time.

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