Best Torrent Sites For Downloading Movies

best torrent sites
Best Torrent Sites

Torrent sites for people who want to download heavy files or bittorrents. You can download what you want very easily with the help of these websites.

Bittorrent is a protocol used for heavy data file sharing. It is peer to peer sharing connection. Large data and heavy files over the internet are exchanged with this fast method. In this method, you have to create torrent file.

Best Torrent Sites Download Free Movies

All the given torrent download sites are wonderful platforms for sharing large data like mp3 files, movies, PDFs, music, eBooks, games and also heavy data software etc. you can share or download large and heavy files easily on the internet.

Here are given the world most famous and safe torrent sites. You can create free torrents and also upload or download them with the help of given sites.

As a result, everyone can download free movies, music, games and also other heavy software from all given best torrent to download movies.

Best Torrent Sites For Downloading Movies

1. Torrent Downloads
download torrent
Download Torrent

This site is famous in torrent download sites. It has yesterday, today torrents, advertisement and also main menu features. It has simple and easy to use interface for users. Here furthermore, you can download top movies, music and games torrents. This site also provides file tracking service.

You can too use this website with or without registration.

In addition, for uploading, you have to do registration.

Vist website

2. Bitsnoop
bitsnoop torrent
Bitsnoop Torrent

This site is a legal and also secure search engines. You can download music, movie torrents and also other important heavy files. Bitsnoop is famous in movie best torrent sites and also music torrent sites for searching any type of entertainment file. Furthermore, this site has an automatic robot for indexing.

It automatically searches latest and also new torrents from all over the world.

Post updated on 04 November 2016, visit

3. Extra Torrent
extra torrent
Extra Torrent

This website is biggest one in best torrent sites list. This is also included in the top free torrent websites list for movies torrent. Movie lovers can also search and download free torrents movies from all over the world. This site has torrent uploading or downloading as well as torrent tracker facility for its users. This is also included in music torrent sites.

It has movies, music, software, books, games and mobile torrentz features.

This site has community feature for its users. Here users can share ideas about anything related to entertainment.

Go to, .

4. 1337x Torrent
1337x torrent
1337x Torrent

This website is popular movie torrent sites. It has a popular movie, music, games, application and games torrents. This site also provides the radio station and chat services on the customer demand. It is a legal and safe torrent website for all torrent downloading.

5. Lime Torrent
lime torrent
Lime Torrent

Given site is an advanced search engine for searching all type of torrents. This site doesn’t store data on their own database it provides host links. It has latest features of movies, music, application and games.

It is included in legal as well as safe torrent sites.

6. Torrent Funk
torrent funk
Torrent Funk

Site has all important features like other best torrent sites. People can download torrents without registration and for uploading sign-up is necessary. It has strong verification (VeriPlus) service feature. You have to verify your torrent files before going to upload.

It is famous in safe torrent sites.


You can download free movies, music, games and other torrents. This site has 32 languages and provides services for all over the world. It has latest torrents features with a beautiful web interface. YTS Torrent


kickass torrent
Kickass Torrent

Site has changed their domain many times. It has been moved to This site has browse and community main features.
Browse has movies, TV shows, books games and also latest categories of services. It is available in thirty different worldwide languages. This site also uses the protocol “BitTorrent”.

Furthermore, You can download torrent without registration.

Post updated on 12 November 2016.   site open with new URL

9. Seed Peer
seedpeer torrent
Seedpeer Torrent

This site is also considered in safe torrent sites list. It’s verified torrent feature has made it secure legal torrent website. It has more than six different language interfaces for its users. You can also select anyone of your choice. It is also among top torrent websites. It has multiple featured categories including movies, shows, music and also all other verified torrents.

Visit =>

10. The Pirat Bay

thepiratebay torrent
The Piratebay

This is too famous in torrent downloading sites. This is also top searching and torrent downloading search engine. In 2003 anti-copyright company “Swedish” had developed and launched this website. You can search all movies, music, games and also other torrents from an advance search bar of this site.

This website doesn’t store third party data on their own database.

It has thirty-five different languages interface for its users from all over the world. Google+, Facebook, twitter are its major social support networks.

Post Updated on 8/22/2016  Site shutdown

Post Updated on 9/02/2016  Site open with new URL

Latest Updatd on  04 November

11. Torrent Hound


Given sites is famous in legal torrent sites. People therefore from all over the world can download movies, games, music and also software’s torrents. In its advance search bar, you only have to write and clink on the search button. All related searches will come on your screen.

This site furthermore, has the advanced technique for auto-crawling and also filtering torrents.

12. Yourbittorrent

your torrent
Your Torrent

Yourbittorrent site has news, television, music, movies, clients, books, top 50 and also hot torrents main features. You can also download your favorite latest movies and TV shows torrents.

You can download torrents without registration.

In addition for uploading, you have to be registered.

13. Rarbg Torrent


Rarbg has box office, catalog, top 10, movies, TV shows, trailers and also games different categories. Here you can also watch trailers of upcoming movies. First, you have to do registration for uploading torrent. This website furthermore gives invite only account creation service for all new visitors.

It is also popular in top safe movie torrent sites.

Visit =>

14. Legit Torrents

legit torrent
Legit Torrent

This torrent search engine is a secure and safe platform for searching movies, music, games and other torrentz files. You have to create an account for posting links to the host website.

Its interface is very simple and user-friendly.

15. Torlock

torlock torrent
Torlock Torrent

This site has news, fresh, top 100, account, movies, television and also music, major features. It is possible to download torrents without registration. Upload torrents are only possible through registration. The user has to be sign-up and open an account for uploading any heavy files. This site is also considered in safe torrent sites.

Post updated on 04 November, visit

16. Torrentbit

torrent bit
Torrent Bit

The site is famous for torrent download sites. Torrent-bit is a popular downloading, indexing as well as the uploading torrent website. People can search torrents with hashtags, file names, and trackers. It has movies, music, books, TV shows, apps, iPod, and series major categories.

It has many partner torrent sites link on the web interface.

17. Toorgle


Given website is the advanced search engine for searching movies, music, games and other torrents. It has search bar tool for Firefox browser. Movie lovers can add it and download their favorite movies. It is famous for torrent download sites. You can also use its Facebook application.

The user can search in more than 450 torrent sites at a time from toorgle bar.

18. best torrent music download sites

torrent reacotor
Torrent Reactor

Torrentreactor provides both search engine and torrent downloading services. It is a secure and legal torrent site. People can use direct download or download both options of their choice. It is also a torrents directory. You can use movies, music, software, TV show and series features on the website.

Post updated on 04 November, Visit

19. Best torrent software download

bit torrent
Bit Torrent

Bittorrent is a top torrents download website. Its interface is user-friendly and easy to use with anti-virus protection. It had free and paid both services for users. People can install its software on the laptop and other devices like tablets or mobiles.

20. Top torrent library for movies

archive torrent
Archive Torrent

Archive is an internet library of free movies, music different eBooks, and other torrents files. This website is top one and most famous in legal torrent sites. It was developed in 1996.  Archive has world largest collection of millions of torrents.

21. Legal torrent sites for movies free download

isohunt torrent
Isohunt Torrent

This is P2P torrents search engine and directory BitTorrent website. People can upload and download movies, games, and music from its directory. It is an advanced torrent downloading, uploading as well as the searching platform. It is famous in legal torrent sites.

You have to be registered for uploading torrents.

It also has tracker facility. Twitter and Facebook are social support media of Isohunt.


22. Best torrent sites for games

Monova site is also among safe torrent sites. It is also a directory for uploading any movie torrent. It has an advanced search bar for searching different torrents. You can search movies, music, audio and other torrents.

You can also search favorite torrents with the name as well as a hashtag.

Post updated on 02 November 2016, visit

23. Most popular games torrent sites

Mininova has newly popular torrents, today torrents, yesterday torrents and also browsers categories of torrent files. Its browse feature has multiple sub-categories of movies, music, software, pictures and also shows. Movie lovers and music lovers hence can install its free toolbar in the browser.

You can also get information of new torrents from the toolbar. If you like to use forum it also has a public forum for users.

This website is also included in the list of legal torrent sites.

Post updated on 02 November 2016. Visit .

24. Popular in US torrent download sites

Demonoid is us based torrent site. It has a top torrent, upload torrent, and also torrent main features. US people upload any torrent files. This is a safe and also legal torrent website where people can upload and download movies, music, shows, games and also other torrents. This site doesn’t host data of any torrent it just provides links and the features of direct download or download.

Post updated on 02 November 2016. Visit .

25. Torrentz

This is a legal and also safe torrent website. You can download any biggest torrent. This is a powerful Meta search engine. It is a fast torrent downloading search engine. People can upload their torrents with registration. Torrentz is also included in the list of famous torrent sites. Visit

26.  Sumotorrent

Sumotorrent is a safe as well as the legal torrent site. People can upload or download their favorite movies and also shows torrents. This website has all important features like other famous torrent sites. The verified feature furthermore has made it more secure torrent downloading site. Twitter and also Facebook are its main social supporters.


27. Eztv

This is an EZTV group torrent site. This is also included in legal and safe torrent websites list. This site has large members of entertainment, amusement, TV shows, music and also movies torrents. People can download latest movies and also TV shows torrents files. Facebook and also Twitter are its major social networks. Eztv top torrent site furthermore has up to date big list of the countdown and also TV shows torrents.


28. Utorrent

This is an advanced site with different features. It provides free and also paid both services. In product feature, it offers pro, mobile, browser and also remote packages. You can download heavy files very quickly and also safely without slowing computer other tasks. It has 15 different languages interface for global use. Visit Utorrent

29. Torrent Project

The torrent project is a fast, clean as well as accurate search engine for torrents searching. It searches, collects and verifies torrents or files data from DHT networks. This is a search engine like a Google, but it only searches torrents data files.

The auto robot daily maintains this engine and adds new torrents.

Post updated on 02 November 2016, visit

30. Best torrent

Given site is a specific site for uploading and also downloading movies torrents. This site allows upload all torrents with beautiful movies and also films images. It is Poland based website with important features of biggest torrenting sites. People have to join or signup to upload torrents

31. Torrentbutler

This site is a beautiful website interface like movie sites. People can download,  upload all type of movies and also TV series. This site is special for movies torrents. Furthermore, Here you can find every type of torrent file related to comedy, action, horror, romance movies, etc. This site has latest and also popular features of new movies torrents.

32. Nyaa

Nayaa is the Japan famous torrent website among top torrent sites. Japanese can upload and also download all type of torrents. Users have to be registered for uploading torrents. Twitter and also  Facebook are its social support networks.

33. Btdigg

is down
It is a search engine for searching free torrent related to any categories. It is a DHT search engine. DHT is called nodes searching protocol. This website database is made by the DHT users. This site participates networks of DHT as well as follows all specific DHT protocols. Btdigg doesn’t track and store any data content.

It collects only metadata and links. It is the best torrent site. Visit

34. Crystal

Crystal is an awesome BitTorrent platform for heavy files uploading and also downloading. It is a very strict website in rules. It has general, forum and also uploading rules for users. One account is allowed for one user. This website has an additional feature that is not on another torrent websites. The “OSSN” OPEN SOURCE SOCIAL NETWORK.  In this feature Furthermore, you can join the network and make friends, create different groups, share and also add pictures or photos with friends and much more.

You can create an account and also enjoy another social media with new features.

Post updated on 02 November 2016, visit

35. Torrentus

This search engine has more secure as well as faster service. You have to join the free community to get new movies, music, games, etc. First of all, you have to download the binary Exe file just by clicking on the links given on the site. Facebook, Google+, Twitter are its social networks. Visit

36. Gamestorrents

People can download free games from this website. It is available in the Spanish and English language. It has personal computer based downloading service. You can upload or download your favorite games easily. Visit

37. Desitorrents

It has two categories of links “Desi and also torrentz.” This website doesn’t provide services without registration. First of all, you have to do registration and also upgrade your account. They don’t give open registration for all users. Registration has only limited numbers of users.


38. Freetorrentgames

It is wonderful us based free games downloading source. You can download your favorite games. It is a great source for children favorite games selection and also free downloading. Here you can choose PC game from large varies of games People can get information about upcoming games and also updates. This is an active platform. Here you can download most popular games.


39. Btstorrent

Bts torrent is a public file sharing platform. Here you can upload and also download large files in the form of torrents. The main features of this torrent site are movies, series, music, games, eBooks, top active, top downloads, great uploaders, top queries, top recent, enter into a full index, etc. This is a torrent downloading and uploading site as well as torrent search engine.

40. Ilcorsaronero

This is Italian torrent search engine. People can search all torrent files related to movies, TV series, games and also music, etc. This torrent site has monthly more than 8 million visitors from all over the world. Users can register and upload their torrents.

41. Itorrent

Itorrent is a high-quality torrent downloading website. You can download all types of torrentz files easily and quickly.

42. Torrentsnack

This site is famous to download latest games torrentz. It is free torrent download website. It has PC, XBOX 360, XBOX One, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP and also PS Vita service features. This website has an advanced download service. Furthermore, you can also comment on the site about your favorite games.

43. torrent game

Torrent game is an advanced feature games torrents download sites. It has a beautiful interface. You can share your favorite games on Facebook, Twitter and also Google+ social network. You can download the latest and also old games instantly. U torrent game is among best torrent sites for PC games downloading.

You can download your favorite PC games free of cost. This site also provides games watching feature before downloading. Watch and download your favorite games.

This games website support eight major social networks. You can also share favorite games with your friends.

44. Downloadgamestorrents

Game lovers can download pc games, ps2, ps3, psp and ps vita games quickly. It is a beautiful interface and multi-language website.

45. Fenopy
Fenopy is now again online with more secure and faster service. You can download different types of torrents files. It has simple as well as the clean interface. People just need to select their favorite category of torrent files. It provides movies, music, games, eBooks and also other torrent files database.

46. Idope
Idope has been listed in best torrent sites because of its advanced features. It is developed in the K.A.T tribute. This website also gives mobile, smartphones and also tablets services. Users have to download its app on mobile to access its services. Thus, users have multiple options for downloading torrents.

47. Bitport
Bitport is also an advanced featured website for torrents file. Users can get more advanced services from its interface. Thus, you have no need to download torrents on your laptop or PC. Everything is done in its interface. You have to download torrent files in the cloud and stream online.

In short, they provide own private servers for downloading torrents. Besides, you have no need to install a torrent client.

Therefore it is the most secure website for users. No one can see the IP of your computer. You will enjoy its fast speed downloading interface.

Furthermore, they provide full access to your files on any device over the internets. Its free package has 100MB data transfer per hour. Moreover, because of its fast and also advanced platform, it has also been listed in best torrent sites.

48. Boxopus
Boxous also provide private servers based cloud service. Lowest cost service is providing the company with multiple benefits. Users can also sign in with Facebook account. Furthermore, they have no need to install a torrent client. Also, users can manage and also download torrents in the own interface. They can also access all services on any device. In short, this site supports all devices including all browsers. Thus, you can get torrent anywhere on any browser. Boxopus is now listed in best torrent sites because of its advanced and fast service.

49. zooqle

Zooqle is the verified torrent downloading website. It is an excellent place for downloading safely. This website verified all uploading torrents before approving them. It has a huge collection of verified torrents. The website has more than twelve lacks verified torrents access. You can get movies, music, games, EBooks and also other biggest torrents.

50. Transmissionbt

The website has an advanced concept of biggest torrent websites. It is a multiple function bit-torrents web. This site has many advanced features including watch-lists and streamlining integrating etc. Furthermore, its interface is simple as well as user-friendly. The website has open source for clients. Visitors and users can add different features according to their needs. It is a fast as well as an easy free bit-torrent client for you.

50. Worldwide torrents

Worldwide is the website after the kickAss torrents. Most of the Nemesis now has been moved to this site. It has almost all features of kickass. More it has added some new like shoutbox, request torrents, and the comics. Also, the moderators of kickass have also joined it. Thus people can get the torrents of all types from here.

51. Torrent box

The torrent box is also excellent web for searching and downloading verified torrents. When you talk about verified and biggest torrenting site, it is an excellent online source. Thus this is included in the listing of best torrent sites. People first have to install torrent client before using this website services. Users can get fully verified and legal torrents of all types including anime.


After the kickass shut downing appear over the internet. This torrent site has all the features and services of the previous kickAss. It may be owned by the same admin. Now users have an excellent replacement of old one. In a very short period, it is included in the list of biggest torrent sites. Now you can download your favorite torrents from this new and fast growing platform.

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Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Free Movie Online – Top 45+ sites List

People love to watch online movies. Therefore we have collected all top free movie streaming sites. Streaming is an advanced online movie watching feature. You can watch all type of free movies and also free TV shows. In the US it has become a trend to watch movies online.

So we have also listed top movie streaming websites. You can watch free US movies, Hollywood and also Bollywood movies.

Now it has become very easy to entertain you and also your family. So, you must visit these top 45 online free movies sites to get benefits.

The Internet has modernized life living manners.

Entertainment with the help of free movie websites is too included in modern living manners.

Movie lovers have no need to waste time in going outside for watching movies. You can avail so many advantages from these free online movies websites. One of them is if you dislike any movie you are watching you can immediately change it.

Movies sites have huge verities of movies selection.  Live in the comfort of home and also get high-level entertainment. Furthermore Fun and entertainment are very important to give relief to your body as well as a mind. How much it is great if you can get it at your home with no cost. Hence free movies sites and free movie streaming sites with multiple more entertainment features are awesome platforms.

Don’t miss these online free opportunities for watching free movies and also upcoming movies trailers.

You can also meet with your superstars and can also vote them.

Final word for torrent lover

Finally, In the above article free best torrent sites list is given for all movie lovers, music lovers, games lovers, etc. People need to share heavy files can select anyone website from the given legal torrent sites. All given free torrent download sites are safe torrent sites.

All above torrent sites are excellent platforms for movie, music, and also games lovers. The entire given torrent download websites are biggest torrent sites.


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