Tubelight Movie Review: Tubelight Movie Download HD 720p

Tubelight Movie Review

Tubelight movie review

In the movie, Salman Khan is acting a vulnerable role first time in his life. He is also facing it.

Tubelight Movie Review

Salman Khan in the movie trailer looks a simpleton as well as a lucky guy. He often remains happy and also innocent. Moreover, he is very close to his elder brother Bharat (Sohail Khan). His brother is the part of Army. Once he has to go to war but he doesn’t come back.

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Salman remains very sad and emotional. He remains in the sad mood and often rememorizes his elder brother. His world and also life sort falls apart because his brother has not returned to him. In the movie first part and also a moment of their life remains happy and enjoying their life. The atmosphere of their home loving and their family also has a close relation with each other.

The start of the movie is with loving music and also showing the Laxman’s life. However, Salman Khan is a very famous superstar but in his life, this is the only first movie of totally different acting. Therefore in the movie, he is named as a Tubelight. You have not seen Salman Khan in such a character in his previous hindi movies. You will enjoy his funny innocent acting with emotional tough in this movie. The entire role is totally different from his Bollywood life movies.

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Furthermore, Salman Khan in the movie is called Tubelight. His neighborhood kid said to him Tubelight because of his innocent behavior.

Both brothers remain close to each other. In the early life, their parents lost at the birth. Therefore they help each other to survive their life. They help to grow up with each other. This incident is portrayed with a musical song Naach Meri Jaan.

In the movie, both brothers extremely dependent on each other. They have fun and also enjoyment in their life. They also play games and everything with each other.

In short, it is an interesting movie of Salman Khan and also Kabir Khan.

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