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Windows 10 isn’t booting? Try these Tips

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Written by Najma P

One of the some common issues that windows 10 users face is windows 10 isn’t booting up. Booting failure can be due to many possible reasons including severe kind of virus attack, missing or corrupted system files etc. If you’re booting first time after installation then most likely there is some installation time error which you can solve by learning about 5 Issues during Windows 10 Installation.

Microsoft is also up to and has already spent a lot to make windows self-healing in case of any issue. That is the reason we can run windows in recovery mode and efficiently solve any such issues. Along with recovery mode, there are five other ways to reset windows 10 in case of any misbehavior of windows 10. If your windows 10 is not booting then recovering it is the solution. Let’s see how these recovery options work and what you do to give your windows 10 a normal boot.

Recovering if Windows 10 isn’t Booting

If you just open your PC but all its showing is just a black screen, it means something has happened which is preventing windows from normal boot. You can try checking power adapter and LCD if it doesn’t even show any sign of being alive. If you listen some boot time hardware sound, it means hardware is fine but windows has something wrong with its booting operation.

In Such situations, windows 10 try to recover itself in every possible way. If anything is preventing windows from normal boot then it switch itself to recovery mood (may be you know it as WinRE mode). Here there are 2 possible ways to move on.

  • Start windows 10 in safe mode by using the information of internal Hard drive and fix the errors via troubleshooting the windows.
  • Plugin an external recovery drive (DVD or bootable USB drive) and then repair the windows by replacing code on internal hard drive.

If you face any such situation then your first priority should always be to start windows in safe mode i.e. WinRE. In case if it is not solving the issue then you’ve to plug in an external recovery drive to recover your windows.

i) Starting Windows in Safe Mode (WinRE)

If start turn on your PC and it refuses to boot again after 2nd or 3rd try then Windows RE is supposed to appear on your screen. If recovery mode isn’t appearing then you can force shutdown your PC by pressing the power button for five seconds. You can also try removing the power source (i.e. battery) to instantly shut it down in severe conditions.

After shutdown, press the power button again to give it a start and then press F2 or F8 key before starting a normal boot of windows 10. Pressing these keys will open WinRE or UEFI TPM (Trusted Platform Module) screen as shown below. You’ve successfully entered in safe recovery mode.

What to Do in Recovery mode?

Once you see a screen similar to above picture it means now you’ve four options to move on.

  • Continue: It’s just like the normal boot as your computer was trying to go before entering in recovery mode. Don’t go for it if you want to recover your windows.
  • Use a device: This is actually the windows 10 recovery via an external recovery drive. If trouble shooting and recovery via internal hard drive fails only then use this option.
  • Turn OFF your PC: It’ll just shut down your PC.
  • Troubleshoot: this is what you’re going to enter in. This is the safe recovery mode using internal hard drive.


Press Troubleshooting option and follow further instructions. Troubleshooting has a lot of recovery options like system restore, system image recovery, startup repair, command prompt, UEFI firmware, startup settings or “go back to previous build” etc.

System restore option will take your system back to a setup which existed before running the tune-up utilities. If you’ve made a system image backup beforehand then system image recovery can successfully recover it you’re your system. Having a backup for image recovery is always suggested in case you face any such issue.

  1. ii) Repairing via an External Recovery Drive

If WinRE did not work then you’ve to plug in an external recovery drive. You can buy a new DV for that or make a bootable USB drive. If your windows 10 often misbehave or having some other functionality issues then I suggest to have buy a DVD or arrange a bootable USB in case you need it in emergency.

Are you thinking that you shouldn’t go for this option because it will require you to buy a license key for windows 10? Don’t worry, it won’t ask you to provide license key for 2nd time installation because Microsoft authenticates the device, not the copy of windows. If you’re authenticated for once then you won’t need to buy windows key after that, no matter how much time you reinstall your windows.

How to repair windows via an external drive?

Plugin the drive into your PC and press the power button. Wait sometime, press the esc button before it enters in normal boot operation. Pressing esc will open up a booting menu where you can choose booting from external drive that you’ve plugged in.

The UEFI screen gives the options of alternative boot in order like USB > SSD etc. Select which is suitable for you and follow the further instructions it shows. In this way you can recover your windows 10 via external drive and repair existing files which are corrupted.


This is how you can solve your problem if your windows 10 isn’t booting. To avoid this, you need to make sure the proper maintenance of windows 10 i.e. always keep it secure from malwares and viruses by scanning with some good antivirus program.

Always pay attention to “Solve PC issues” and see if there is anything that need to take some action. Also, make sure if your windows is showing some strange behavior like Windows 10 Using too Much of RAM etc. If your PC has become so slow in working then you need to Clear Cache on Windows 10 in order to make it function normally. 

If you face any other issue regarding this then feel free to comment. I’d be our pleasure to help you in anything we can!

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